Aladin in Brick Lane Review

Published: 05th December 2011
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Among the many different Indian restaurants along Brick Lane, Aladin is one of the more popular ones – and its popularity has climbed even higher in recent times, as more and more people have begun to realize the great opportunity that Brick Lane offers them for grabbing a quick and tasty snack without being charged much for it. If you’re wondering whether or not Aladin is worth your time, we’ve prepared this brief review for you – of course, we couldn’t try out every single meal offered by the restaurant, but we feel that the ones we did gave us a more than ideal overview of what the place has to offer – and we’re confident that we can give you an objective opinion of its quality!

Aladin is a traditional Indian restaurant, though it’s presented with a heavily modern flair – the place is designed in a stylish, contemporary manner, and features plenty of tables for everyone, even during their busier times. It should be noted that there seems to be some careful arrangement of the tables here, as you don’t have the traditional problem most restaurants have where you’re forced to take a particular table if you want to get a good location – most of the places around the restaurant are more or less the same in quality. The lighting is something that’s obviously received a special dose of attention, as it’s been designed in a very flashy and modern way.

But enough of that – let’s have a look at what’s actually important, the menu and its quality. Aladin will offer you a great selection of different meals to savor, pretty much all of them traditional Indian dishes. Some of the meals have a few modern twists, as well as combinations of Indian cuisine and foods from other locations. Of course, Indian is still the main focus here, and there’s plenty to choose from in this regard.

The Egg Kebab was among the more interesting starter dishes, and it was surprisingly filing yet light – a combination rarely found with Indian food, which tends to get you filled up pretty quickly (making it important to choose what you’re going to eat very carefully if you want to avoid leaving a large portion of your food uneaten). Fans of Puri are also going to have a blast here, with a large number of different variations of the dish available – some were relatively unknown for us, and it seems that there were a few dishes unique to Aladin only.

Like most other Indian restaurants along Brick Lane, curry is a big deal at Aladin – there are several variations of the dish available, including vegetable Curry which was surprisingly lacking across most of the other Indian restaurants nearby. There are plenty of vegetable dishes in general, in this line of thought – if you’re a fan of vegetarian food, you won’t be disappointed.

And like any self-respecting Indian restaurant in the area, there’s a good selection of unique specialties, which you definitely have to try – the Lamb Chop Lahori was something we probably won’t be forgetting any time soon, and we’re sure we’ll be coming back to try out a few other interesting-sounding dishes too, such as the Prawn Bengali or the Butter Chicken. Overall, this is definitely a place worth your time and money – and not just for a single visit, either!

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